Bob Rosenthal 

Owner of Piano Gallery

Bob began his career in the music business working with Curt Carter and Bob Hill in San Diego. The Organ Exchange was the learning grounds for Bob and many other salesmen who went on to form their own stores around the country. Bob later worked for Accent Music in Arcadia before helping to build the piano brand Young Chang in America. In 1988, Bob was among a very small number of pioneering retailers who targeted the growing synthesizer and keyboard marketing by opening a store dedicated to electronic musical instruments. The store was Keyboard City, located in Dallas Texas. By 1998 Bob opened his current store, Piano Gallery with a store in Southlake and later in Dallas, where he continues to focus on serving the music maker of all ages.

Dan Babbitt

General Manager at Piano Gallery

Dan Babbitt has over 25 years of experience in the music industry in manufacturing, distribution, and sales. Dan hs been part of the executive management teams for companies such as Samick Music Corp, and Story & Clark Pianos/ QRS music technologies.