1997 Petrof V

$80,000.00 $19,950.00

This European Petrof Model V grand piano measures in at 5’7” and is encased in a beautiful like-new polished white finish. Spade legs and matching style bench give this instrument that traditional, classic piano look. The tone on this piano is amazing! Holding true to Petrof’s known warm, rich, singing tone, full of color; this piano will bring your standard of playing to a new level of excellence. These pianos are built solidly and have great quality workmanship, easily holding its own in the great ranks of other high class European pianos such as Bechstein, Bosendorfer, Seiler, and even Hamburg Steinways.

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Product Description

This piano is perfect for any venue. Either writing new music, giving lessons, listening to your grandkids, or even playing to a church choir, this instrument was created to enhance your music. The lid can be locked to keep unwanted people and objects out of the insides of the piano. Large brass casters make it a lot easier to move around, great for a stage or classroom. Also included is a deluxe padded artist style bench that will give you hours of play time without getting uncomfortable.