Perzina DL-152 Queen Anne



Curved lines along with restrained ornament are the characteristics of this beautiful piano decorated in a style that developed during, and after, the reign of Anne, Queen of Great Britain (1702-1714). The design is smaller, lighter and more comfortable than other “royal” examples and Perzina, in full line with the style, places emphasis on the form rather than the ornament. The cabriole legs, described as the most recognizable element of this style, are beautifully matched with the pedal lyre and discreetly supported by the music desk. Portrayed here in a lovely mahogany finish, this piano is a joy to play and admire!

Product Description

Features: Individually weighted keys ~ Reverse crown “concave” soundboard made from Austrian white spruce ~ Czech Republic made Detoa hand built actions ~ German Delignit or Dehonit pinblocks ~ German Meyne, Abel or Renner hammers ~ German Roeslau strings ~ Chromed nickel reverse thread tuning pins ~ Austrian polyester finish ~ Wet sand cast iron plate ~ Wooden pedal trapwork ~ Brass hardware ~ Slow close fallboard ~ Artist bench ~ 10 Year parts & labor warranty