Perzina DL 175 Syldr



Features: Individually weighted keys ~ Reverse crown “concave” soundboard made from Austrian white spruce ~ Czech Republic made Detoa hand built actions ~ German Delignit or Dehonit pinblocks ~ German Meyne, Abel or Renner hammers ~ German Roeslau strings ~ Chromed nickel reverse thread tuning pins ~ Austrian polyester finish ~ Wet sand cast iron plate ~ Wooden pedal trapwork ~ Brass hardware ~ Slow close fallboard ~ Artist bench ~ 10 Year parts & labor warranty

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Product Description

1. ESQ rated 90% European components & materials
2. German engineered with square tail design
3. Austrian “Picea Excelsa” white spruce soundboard
4. German “Renner” action & hammers E160, E187
5. Czech “Detoa” action, DLX* hammers G160, G187
6. German “Delignit” or “Dehonit” pin-block
7. German “Degen” copper wire
8. German “Roslau” polished strings
9. German and Dutch wood veneers
10. Austrian polyester and Swiss Lacquer
11. Wet sand-cast iron plate in rose-gold color
12. Chromed nickel reverse torque tuning pins
13. Deluxe slow-fall fallboard and artist bench