Rebuilt Chickering Grand

$60,000.00 $14,995.00

This rebuilt Chickering Grand has a classic style, with a beautiful tone and action. Chickering introduced arranging of the strings in two banks, one over the other. This not only saves space, it also brings the powerful bass strings directly over the most resonant part of the sound-board, the principle which continues to this day in the construction of all pianos, both grands and uprights.

Product Description

Chickering was the largest piano manufacturer in the United States in the middle of the 19th century, but was surpassed in the 1860s by Steinway. In 1867, Jonas’s son Frank Chickering had the Imperial Cross of the Legion of Honour, then one of the world’s most prestigious non-military awards, bestowed upon him by Napoleon for services to the art of music, one of more than 200 awards the piano manufacturer garnered over the years.