Steinway B

$140,000.00 $59,950.00

This magnificent 6′ 11″ (211 cm) grand piano is often referred to by pianists as “the perfect piano.” It is a wonderfully balanced and versatile instrument that does extremely well in refined homes, teaching studios, and mid-sized venues.

Play this gorgeous Steinway for 5 minutes and you’ll be asking us if we have same day delivery!

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Product Description

The Steinway & Sons Model B is considered by many pianists to represent a perfect balance of size and power making it a very versatile instrument. Measuring 6’11” in length, 58″ in width and weighing well over 700 pounds these pianos are much larger than a Steinway Model S, M, or L. (And a bit larger than the somewhat comparable Model A-II.) The Model B ‘Music Room Grand’ was introduced in 1878 as a replacement for the piano that Steinway called the Monitor Grand. The Monitor is considered to be the first modern piano ever built by Steinway and are seen as a transition between the old and modern style pianos. (The first several Model B pianos were built in the style of these Monitor Grands.) These early Model B Grands featured an 85 note keyboard and were offered in various art case cabinet styles. A capo d’astro bar was utilized in place of agraffes for notes 52 to 85. In 1891 #73212 the first Model B with an 88 note keyboard was introduced and in 1897 the Steinway factory located in Hamburg, Germany also began production of the Model B.