Weber W175

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A keyboard that conveys the soul of the pianist
Young Chang keyboards are made of wood with lower specific gravity but higher elasticity, giving the pianist a softer yet firm sense of touch.

Hammers conveying the dynamic expression of the pianist
Hammers are adjusted to strike the strings in less than 1/250 of a second. They are constructed with maple, walnut or mahogany and elastic hammer felt, providing a sensitive, dynamic response to the expression of the pianist.

Dimensions: 5’9″x59″ or 1m 75cm x 148cm

Available Finishes: Polished Ebony

Features: Solid spruce soundBoard ~ Young Chang Premiere action ~ Young Chang bass strings ~ Beech pinblock ~ Agraffe construction ~ Young Chang hammers ~ Soft glide fallboard ~ Vacuum processed iron plate ~ German Roeslau wire ~ 10 Year warranty

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Product Description

Spruce soundboards with the highest sound-transmission coefficient
For soundboards, Young Chang uses A-class northern spruce, which provides an excellent sound-transmission coefficient.
Young Chang’s ingenious soundboard design includes a low-note portion shaped like a round speaker with creases, optimizing the efficiency of vibration and effect of resonance and creating a deep, rich tone.

Precise action that expresses the pianist’s emotion more delicately
The three factors of beautiful sound in a piano – volume, tone and quality – depend on the precise action of the sound-producing mechanism of a piano. The action of a Young Chang piano, consists of 4,500 parts, each manufactured with an error tolerance of 5/100mm, and made of hard maple to resist deformation from excessive use.