“Maestro” Bruno

General Manager at Piano Gallery

William “Maestro Bruno” Santo is a successful business executive, innovative luxury marketer, accomplished pianist and experienced guest and seminar lecturer.

“Maestro” Bruno started selling New and PPO (premium pre-owned) Steinway Grands in 1974. During his 45 year career in the Music Industry he spent 21 of those years selling Brand New Steinway Grands. During his entire 45 year career he has sold PPO and used Steinway Grands.

Maestro Bruno purchased his first Steinway Model B in 1976. He so loves the Steinway Model B that he has purchased 7 New Steinway B’s for his personal use since 1976. During his 45 years in the Music Industry, in today’s dollars, he has sold about $50,000,000 in Steinway and Steinway Designed Pianos. About $30,000,000 of these sales were Brand New Steinway and Steinway Designed Pianos. His Client list includes Pianists, Professors, Colleges, Universities, Performing Arts Centers, Churches and other institutions.

William “Maestro Bruno” Santo concentration of studies at Roosevelt University in Chicago and Arizona State University gave him an in-depth foundation in Business, Math, Music Composition, Classical Organ and Piano as well, as Quantitative Systems & Analysis along with Statistical Modeling. These skills were further enhanced with 3yrs of extensive studies at the graduate level in the field of Philanthropy at Indiana-Purdue University Lilly School or Philanthropy earning him a CFRM.

In the business world as an entrepreneur, William “Maestro Bruno” Santo has founded numerous start-up companies and developed many trend-setting concepts to capitalize on his vision. Throughout his career he has been involved in the marketing of luxury products, strategically pairing special events with Fine Arts Organizations and the Fine Arts Departments of Higher Education Institutions and working closely with University Presidents, Development Directors, and Donors to secure required funding for their needs. William “Maestro Bruno” Santo’s institutional efforts during a 13 year span working with educational institutions enabled him to secured over 20M in funds to helped reverse the deteriorating quality of pianos in Fine Arts Departments throughout the US. His methods in inventory analysis, the life cycle of Grand Pianos and Fine Arts fundraising are now the worldwide standard in the piano industry.

William “Maestro Bruno” Santo continues to work with Donors, Fine Arts Organizations, Luxury Product Merchants and Institutions of Higher Learning in his life-long commitment to strengthen the foundation of Fine Arts for our future generations.

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