Piano Moving

piano-movingWhat does a professional piano mover do to ensure a safe and successful move? With upright pianos, they almost always strap the piano on a skid called a piano board.

They also cover the piano with blankets to help protect it. The entire bundle is then typically put on a dolly and taken to its destination. If stairs are involved, the piano is taken off the dolly and slid up or down the steps on the piano board.So at end if you ask me How to move a piano inexpensively, I say you should “HIRE A PROFESSIONAL” rather than take the risk of damaging the instrument, or injuring yourself or others by attempting to move it on your own. Another important point about Professional Movers. They are insured, so if something happens to your piano during the move, it is covered. Move your piano yourself, and any physical injury or damage to the instrument is coming out of your pocket.

How you do you find a good piano mover if you’ve decided to not try and move it yourself? We recommend “YourPianoMover.com” They have years of experience moving pianos in Dallas. Short trip or long distance, they will move your piano safely, guaranteed.