Petrov IV Grand

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$88,700.00 $24,900.00

Hand made in 2003 in the Czech Republic
Deep rich burgundy mahogany finish
Chippendale legs with gold trim
Comes with QRS player system and library!
Serial Number 590093

The tone on this piano is amazing! Holding true to Petrof’s known warm, rich, singing tone, full of color; this piano will bring your standard of playing to a new level of excellence. These pianos are built solidly and have great quality workmanship, easily holding its own in the great ranks of other high class European pianos such as Bechstein, Bosendorfer, Seiler, and even Hamburg Steinways.

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Product Description

The action on this piano is very accommodating. You will get a sense that you are totally in control of this instrument while you play. Though if you had to rate it, you would probably say it’s a tiny bit on the firmer side. The response and touch combination will give you complete license over every aspect and nuance of this piano, from the deep rich bass to the crisp, clear treble.