2004  Steinway B High Gloss Lacquer Finish


This Premium Pre Owned Steinway B is a Concert & Artist Piano. CB220 A C & A piano is hand picked by the factory for use on the concert stage. This is a very powerful strong Steinway.

Serviced to a Level 4.
Fast, Tight Action, Performance Tone. Full Range of Color and Dynamic Range. Call us today to set up a time to play this wonderful Steinway Model B semi concert grand

2004 1997 Steinway B Satin Ebony Finish


Serial Number: 5421997
This Premium Pre Owned Steinway B boasts a Classic Steinway B tone
The Top 2 octaves have that classic Steinway Bell Tone.
Call us today to set up a time to play this wonderful Steinway Model B semi concert grand

Steinway Model L 2003


Serial Number: 5642003 Satin Ebony Finish
From a home this Steinway Living Room Grand has a Pianodisc player system installed.
Full Sound, fast action. The perfect piano for the intermediate or advanced player.
When not playing listen to all types of music with the player system.

We are open 7 days per week. Visit us anytime to play this wonderful Steinway.

2003 Steinway B- 211 Semi Concert Grand


Satin Ebony Finish. Serial Number: 5662003
This Steinway Model B Exhibits a darker tone. Serviced to our Maestro Service Level.
Clean tone, Highly Calibrated Action will bring you years of enjoyment.
Between 2 locations we have 20 Steinway Model B’s available.

Call Maestro Bruno today to discuss your Steinway Grand Piano needs.

1995 Steinway M Satin Ebony Finish


Serial Number: 5361995
This piano was purchased from a home. When you review the piano you will see that is has hardly been played. Why pay $76,600 for a Brand New Steinway Model M. All Steinway Depreciate. Steinway pianos are built to last 100 years.

At $34,000 for this piano with a Steinway Like Warranty for 5 years you can profit from the depreciation that all Steinway Grands Experience.
Stop buy any time to play this Steinway Model M we are open 7 days per week.

Steinway B 1939. New Satin Ebony Finish


Serial Number: 2971939
With 7 Steinway B’s in 1 location you have the opportunity to play and compare a number of Model B-211’s.

This piano is priced $20,000 under all of the ones you will experience in the Dallas Metroplex.
Stop by today and play this on of any of the 14 Steinway that are in our store.

1954  Steinway Model S


Serial Number: 3461954
This Steinway Model S 5’1” was built in 1954. We have restrung the piano using the existing pin block
Calibrated to our De Capa service level this piano is perfect for your Texas Home.

Why pay $87,600 for a new model S or $45,000 for a used one? This one is priced at $19,950!

You can own a wonderful 1954 Steinway Model S for less than the price of a Boston or Essex or a New Steinway Model S.

Steinway Model B-211 1940 Satin Ebony Finish


. 3021940
When you play this piano you first notice the overall color of this piano. It has a very wide dynamic range. This is the sound that pianist like as it is so pleasing you could play for hours and enjoy every minute of this piano.
Priced at only $41,000, which is far less than other local dealers.
A New Steinway Model B sell at the local dealer for $112,000. Why pay more than $41,000 for a wonderful Steinway Model B -211?
We are open 7 days a week. Stop by and play this wonderful piano.

Steinway Model L 1932/2002


. 2741932
This Steinway originally built in 1932 was completely rebuilt and refinished by the Steinway Factory in NYC in 2002. We have all of the papers showing this wonderful rebuild.
A new model (O, same size as a model L) cost $88,000. This New York Steinway Factory rebuild is priced at $34,000. Experience the sound of a Steinway Grand, and save a lot.
We are open 7 days a week for you to try out this piano.

Steinway B Heirloom Series


Serial Number: 4272016
This wonderful Steinway Model B Heirloom Series Grand was rebuilt by the NYC Factory in 2016.
It even has new Kluge Keys which cost about $4,000. We have seen the same model B at Steinway Dealers for $89,000 to $92,000. This is your opportunity to pay $25,000 less. This would enable you to buy another Steinway Grand for your summer home. Piano Gallery in Concert with Concert Pianos the Premium Pre Owned Steinway Selection Center open your choices to choose from over 40 PPO Steinway Grands at 3 locations.

Steinway M 1933 High Gloss Ebony Finish


Serial Number:2961933
Stunning and a wonderful sound. All new Steinway Action parts.
Wonderful sound and price at a $34,000. A new Model M is $76,600.
A used M like this wold cost at least $10,000 more at most Dallas dealers.
Stop by today and play this Steinway Model M

Steinway B 1986 Satin Ebony Finish


Signed by John Steinway on 1986, this Steinway Model B will not disappoint.
Full sound. Great range. Play this and 6 other Steinway B’s and we have another 15 at our Steinway Selection Center. Visit the Steinway Selection Room at this location

1995 Steinway Model B Walnut


Serial Number: 5341995
Hardly played. 1 owner. Very full sound. Fast Action.
Classic Steinway Model B tone.
Great overall dynamic range.

25 Steinway B’s to choose from, come and in and play one today!

Steinway B 1985 High Gloss Lacquer Finish


Serial Number: 4951985
Hard to Find High Gloss Lacquer.
New Strings. New Hammers
Very fast Action and strong tone with excellent dynamic range.
Priced for a quick sale.

1973 Steinway B


Owner has priced this Steinway B to sell quickly.
The Case has been refreshed. A lot of the parts have been replaced.
Bold Sound. Slightly heavier action.
Most Dealers would sell this for $40,000
Price to move this week. $26,000

1968 Steinway B


Serial Number: 4091968
If you are looking for a Steinway B for a great price and a big Performance Sound, this is the Steinway B to look at.
Original Hammer with 80% life left on them. New Shanks and Flanges and Wippens in 1987.
Today those parts would cost you with installation $5,000. This piano is from a home. The people sold the piano as they were moving overseas. The action down weight is between 49 and 52. So very fast.
The case is in good condition and the Soundboard is perfect.
Any Dealer in the US would sell this piano for $40,000. Priced at $30,000. You will not be disappointed with the overall sound of this piano.

Steinway B 1960 Ebony Satin


Steinway B. Case is in Fair Condition. But the price is killer.
All Original and a lot of life left in this piano. Soundboard is perfect.
Priced to sell this week.
Come and play this and 7 other B’s in 1 location.
Priced to sell at $34,000. Compare to $40,000 to $45,000 B’s at other Dealers.
Call Joe 714-598-8683 in Dallas