Why Choose us

[wpspoiler name=”Only The Best Valued Pianos Are Offered In Every Price Range”]With over 100 different brands of pianos available, selecting the right instrument, which has the best value for the dollar, can be confusing. At Piano Gallery, we use 50 years of combined wholesale and retail experience to select from 100+ brands of pianos. Werepresent only the best valued pianos made in the United States, Europe and Asia. Using knowledge and expertise of innovative design, high quality raw materials and efficient manufacturing techniques, our final decision is based on the best combination of quality and value.[/wpspoiler]
[wpspoiler name=”We Have A Huge Selection To Choose From”]Whether you’re looking for a baby grand for your living room, a starter piano for your child or a player piano system for the entire family, Piano Gallery has over 100 instruments on display in our showroom in a wide range of sizes, styles, finishes and performance capabilities. Piano Gallery is not constrained by any of our suppliers to display only one manufacturer’s line of instruments. We attend all major music industry shows worldwide and select only the best value and quality acoustic instruments, and the finest player piano systems, ensuring that you will have the most satisfactory musical experience possible, with the greatest value available.[/wpspoiler]
[wpspoiler name=”Enjoy A Comfortable Buying Experience”]Piano Gallery offers a comfortable, inviting approach to purchasing your piano. The gallery is furnished with several sofas, a children’s play area and a premier showcase of some of the world’s finest pianos. By selling a large volume of pianos each year, and through years of experience negotiating with the piano wholesale industry, we are able to provide discounts and terms that other retailers can only dream of. These savings are passed on directly to our customers, allowing us to offer brand new, top-of-the-line pianos at tremendous savings from the manufacturers suggested retail price.[/wpspoiler]
[wpspoiler name=”People Sharing Their Passion For Music And Pianos”]When you visit Piano Gallery, you will enjoy a fun and informative insider’s view of what to look for, and what to look out for, when considering this important musical and educational investment. Piano Gallery’s staff is made up of professional musicians that have dedicated their lives and careers to bringing joy topeople through music. Their strong musical backgrounds and expertise in piano design and construction make them some of the most qualified people in the industry to assist you in evaluating your piano needs. At Piano Gallery, customers can work directly with the owner in the selection of a fine quality musical instrument. At our store, you won’t find any gimmicks, hype or insulting high-pressure sales tactics, but rather an informational display of world class pianos. We invite you to compare our knowledgeable, respectful, honest and thoughtful presentation to that of our competitors, and experience the difference. That difference is why some of North Texas’ most prestigious teachers, tuners, music schools and satisfied customers recommend Piano Gallery. Whether you’re purchasing your first starter piano or investing in the grand piano of your dreams, you’ll get the same quality of service excellence that we’ve perfected over the past 20 years.[/wpspoiler]
[wpspoiler name=”Trade-Up Program / Buy Back Guarantee”]Invest in any acoustic piano from Piano Gallery and receive a free lifetime full trade-in privilege towards any new piano of double value, assuming reasonable wear and tear. Some customers are concerned about making a substantial investment in a piano until they are confident their child truly desires to learn and continue with piano lessons. These parents appreciate our trade up option. It gives them peace of mind, knowing they can always move up to a higher grade instrument or grand piano if their child continues to show a sincere interest in furthering their musical ambition or career. Other customers take advantage of the option upon moving into a larger home. This trade up program becomes very important as customers realize that we carry the finest selection of worldclass pianos. Piano Gallery will also buy back your piano within a year, minus a nominal depreciation amount.[/wpspoiler]
[wpspoiler name=”Quality Service”]Our dedication to service is what helps make Piano Gallery “The #2 Piano Store in the Nation” (Music Trades Magazine). We are dedicated to serving our customers before and after the sale. Piano Gallery selects and works with the finest tuners, technicians, refinishers and certified player piano installers. Each of our pianos, from the $1,000 upright to the $100,000 concert grand, are tuned and meticulously prepped by one of our qualified technicians. Our experienced technicians are capable of meeting the standards and expectations of the most demanding professionals in the industry.[/wpspoiler]
[wpspoiler name=”Professional Delivery & Setup”]Piano Gallery works with professional delivery crews that exclusively move pianos. These experts have the specialized equipment, experience and know-how to move and set up your piano, from the smallest upright to the largest concert grand. Whether you have wooden floors, natural stone, tile or carpet, no steps or several flights of stairs, the correct care and precautions are taken to ensure that your piano arrives on time, and that your premises are left in excellent condition. Delivery can also be arranged anywhere in the United States for customers who are able to come in and select an instrument from our showroom.[/wpspoiler]
[wpspoiler name=”Certified Pre-Owned Instruments”]Refurbished Yamaha and Kawai upright and grand pianos that come with a full 10 year warranty are available. These pianos are in ‘like-new’ condition and cost a fraction of what a new instrument would cost. Come and see the incredible savings available on these and more fine instruments. In addition, since Piano Gallery sells so many pianos, we take in many used pianos from trades. We usually have a nice selection of pre-owned pianos in stock, including: Yamaha, Kawai, Steinway and other brands. Inventory is constantly changing, so visit often to see these pianos. Click here to see our clearance center.[/wpspoiler]
[wpspoiler name=”100% Customer Satisfaction By Exceeding Expectations”]We’re committed to 100% satisfaction for each and every one of our customers. You’ll find complete dedication towards achieving this goal, from our sales representatives in store to our technicians that meticulously prepare your piano and our delivery crew that brings your instrument to your home, ready to play. The Piano Gallery truly cares about you and your musical needs. We appreciate your business, whether your visit is regarding the purchase of a 9’4″ concert grand or a bottle of polish to keep your piano shiny and new. It’s been said that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Our long-term approach and commitment to our customers, coupled with an active involvement in the community, continues to be the successful formula driving our family business. We look forward to serving you and your piano needs.[/wpspoiler]