The Great Grand Piano Sale

20 Grands from $10,699 to $29,991

Piano Gallery has moved to 4501 Alpha Rd. Dallas 75244

Choose from 5 Steinway’s, Baldwins

Estonia, Perzina, Hallet Davis

Yamaha’s, Kawai’s, Seiler

Story & Clark w/ Player

Some With Complete Player Systems

Call 972-490-5397




Great Grand Sale

Call 972-490-5397

Give your children the gift of music 

Rent a Piano for 12 Months.

Try before you buy

12 Months Rent Apply to purchase of any piano in the store

Prices start at $59 per month and Grand Piano rentals start at $170 per month. Deposits on Rentals varies depending on the piano you rent. 

Call 972-795-0631


Piano Gallery


Text Pictures, Brand of Piano                                                          Serial number, Model Number                                        Condition, When Last Tuned to 972-755-6778 OR Send all of the above to Email

Steinway Selection Center

With Premium Pre-Owned Steinway’s Model B’s
New Baldwin, Perzina, Hallet Davis, A-Guyer Uprights & Grands
Used Yamaha and Kawai uprights and Grands
20 Used Grands ALWAYS from $3,987 to $9,987
120 Pianos to Choose from including 39 Steinway Grands and Uprights                                                                                                                                                                
Great Selection of Art Case & Limited Edition Pianos
Henry Z. Steinway Model B 2008
Story & Clark Grand with Inlaid Mahogany and Gold Trim
Steinway Dakota Jackson TriCentennial Hamburg Model A
Story & Clark Satin Ebony and Birds Eye Maple & Player System
Steinway Tiffany  Model B African Pommel 
Steinway 1937 Rare Model L XLV with gold trim 

Samick Grand XLV Cream High Gloss with Gold Trim                                                                        


Grand Pianos Sign by Billy Joel & Elton John.
1 of a Kind
$1,000,000, $400,000 of the $1M proceeds with go to 3 Charities



Hours of Operation

Wednesday through Sunday
10:00am to 6:00pm

NO appointment necessary

Drop Us a Line

Let us know if you have any questions!