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Give your children the gift of music 

Rent a Piano for 12 Months.

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12 Months Rent Apply to purchase of any piano in the store

Prices start at $59 per month and Grand Piano rentals start at $170 per month. Deposits on Rentals varies depending on the piano you rent. 

Call 972-490-5397


Piano Gallery


Email info@dfwpianogallery.com Brand of Piano, Serial number, Model Number, Condition,When Last Tuned. We will get back to you.

New Baldwin, Hallet Davis Uprights & Grands
Used Yamaha and Kawai uprights and Grands

40 Used Grands ALWAYS from $8,888 to $$$$
Premium Pre-Owned Steinway’s Model B’s  20 Available

Steinway Selection Vault  Private room with 7 Steinway B’s and 1 model A III. Spend 1 to 6 hours choosing your Dream Steinway.
275 Upright and Grand Pianos to Choose from including 48 Steinway Grands.                                                                                             

Great Selection of Art Case & Limited Edition Pianos
Steinway B  “Instrument of the Immortals”
Steinway Limited Edition 2003 model B
Steinway 1937 Rare Model L XLV with gold trim
Samick French Provincial in Cherry Wood
Baldwin Made in USA Cherry Wood

Grand Pianos Sign by Billy Joel & Elton John.
1 of a Kind
$1,000,000, $850,000 of the $1M proceeds go to Charities
$800,000 to the Charities of your choice.  



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