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Trade in Policy : Buy your piano from us and if you decide you want a better piano down the road, we will give you full trade-in value towards a better piano. Inquire in-store for details.

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Piano Tuning
The Piano Gallery tunes, preps and details every piano we sell prior to delivery. Furthermore, as a gift from us, along with your piano purchase, you’ll receive two gift certificates, good for 50% off on piano tuning when you use a recommended tuner in our service network.

Piano tuning is the process of adjusting the strings to the precise point at which they will vibrate at the proper pitch. In general, no matter how good the piano and how expertly it is the tuned, atmospheric variations, particularly humidity, and the nature of the pianos construction, will conspire to bring it off pitch.



Piano Moving & Delivery

We have reliable contacts that specialize in moving pianos. Let us handle the details for you.

Our piano  transportation partners are fully insured, specifically trained, highly experienced, and equipped with purpose-built tools. We contract these proven professionals to transport your instrument with the care it deserves.

You can count on us to restore your piano with excellence and make sure it returns safely to your home in perfect condition. At Piano Gallery you will find only trusted professionals – guaranteed.

Voicing And Tone Regulation
voicing-hammersEvery piano has its own unique sound. One might be described as ‘glassy,’ another as ‘warm’. One might have a ‘full singing’ tone, and yet another sounds ‘thin’. Although the original design establishes the basic character of your piano’s tone, your technician can modify it to better suit your taste or restore its original tone.

Piano Voicing is somewhat a matter of preference. Some pianists prefer “bright” voicing while others prefer a mellower sound. Regardless of its original voicing, every piano will aquire a somewhat brighter tone with time because the hammer felts will be compacted as they are thrown repeatedly against the strings.



Piano Lessons

What is Keyboard Encounters?


Piano Lessons

Keyboard Encounters is an innovative course of piano-style instruction where tradition and technology meet in harmony.

Geared towards people 10 years of age to adult and with the emphasis on hands-on learning supported by the Yamaha ARIUS™ digital piano, Keyboard Encounters provides an ideal setting in which to develop your musical creativity. Keyboard Encounters is a proven and successful music course that has helped thousands to learn to play and enjoy the piano.


How Long Will it Take Me to Learn How to Play?

You’ll play simple pieces from the very first day!

In the weeks following the start of class you’ll learn…

  • Songs in all styles that you have dreamed of playing, including popular, classical, country, blues and jazz.
  • Fingerobics™ – Special keyboard excercises that develop finger dexterity.
  • Music reading, notation and theory.
  • Ensemble playing – group musical experiences that help develop your own playing skills.
  • How to plan and evaluate your progress.


How is the Course Taught?

KE_classKeyboard Encounters students are grouped according to age, musical background and goals.

You can enter this flexible course at any level, depending on your musical experience. Your teacher has been trained by Yamaha to work with students of all ages and abilities, and can help you decide which level to join.


Why Learn in a Group?

KE_groupPlaying in a group in musically satisfying.

Most music is performed in groups, such as bands, orchestras and choirs. Learning together strengthens individual rhythm skills and listening habits and develops confidence. Keyboard Encounters students who wish to share their music with the rest of the class will have the opportunity to perform solos.


What Type of Instrument Do I Need at Home?

You can use an ARIUS™ digital piano or a high quality acoustic piano.

“Play It Yourself” activities are designed so you can tailor your learning to meet your musical goals on the instrument of your choice.


What Instrument Will I Play in Class?

YDP-V240-300x300Classrooms are equipped with Yamaha ARIUS™ digital pianos.

These keyboards never need tuning yet rival the sound and feel of acoustic pianos. Realistic instrument voices, plus record and playback features, make them perfect instruments for learning. Accompaniment software, developed especially for Keyboard Encounters and the ARIUS™, encourages your progress and makes playing more fun.



Find out more about Yamaha ARIUS digital pianos by clicking here.
When Do I Start?
Start playing today; enjoy playing for a lifetime.

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