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Perzina Piano Store Dallas TexasWe sell factory direct, at factory direct prices. In fact, you don’t pay pay Perzina directly, then they ship to us, we uncrate, assemble and tune your piano, then deliver it to your home. We are forbidden from putting the factory direct prices on our website, so the prices you see are the MSRP (Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price), not the Factory Direct price you would actually pay. Come in to the Piano Gallery, and sit down at the Perzina of your choice, then we will show you the factory direct price.

Perzina began as a labor of love, and 130 years later, still continues as a company dedicated to making great instruments for families and passionate musicians. The history of the Perzina Piano began on July 1, 1871. On that day two brothers, Julius and Albert Perzina, opened their shop in the small German town of Schwerin. They officially named the company Gebrüder Perzina which means brothers Perzina. As business increased, the Perzina factory was moved to a larger facility in the German town of Lenzen.

Perzina DallasPerzina soon became one of Germany’s most influential and prestigious brands. Many of the best musicians and world leaders purchased Perzina pianos. These included the Arch-Duke of Mecklenberg, Duke of Oldenburg, Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, and Hendrik of Mecklenberg-Schwerin. By 1900 the Perzina factory was the largest in Northern Germany, and quickly became a house-hold name throughout Europe. Perzina continues the tradition in their state-of-the-art facility, manufacturing one of the most recognizable sounds in the piano industry today.

Perzina is a company of musicians. And as such, music guides nearly every strategic decision that Perzina makes, from wood suppliers in Germany to dealer choices in North America.The quest for great sound, great response, and solid, stable build quality is powerfully driven by our personal musical connections with the pianos. At Perzina, there isn’t a boardroom standing in the way of design improvements, or accountants guiding the creative process – only passionate and skilled artists building the pianos they themselves would buy.

Like all successful global companies, one of Perzina’s principal strengths is their people. Perzina’s renound spirit for innovation grows from an incredible collection of managers, distributors, technicians, and retailers. We hail from Toronto Canada, Dallas Texas, Amsterdam Netherlands, Los Angeles California, Lenzen Germany, and Yantai China. And quality, value, and beautiful sound are the guiding principals which bring you today’s Perzina. Quite simply, these pianos are our life.

We’re known as not only the best Piano store in Dallas but as THE place for Perzina pianos in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. If you’re in Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, Arlington or other nearby communities and you’re looking for a Perzina piano store, call us or stop by today. Perzina makes an incredible piano and we’re happy to showcase our Perzinas.

Whether an upright (vertical) or a grand, with special features or not, destined for a child at home or a professional on stage, all Perzina pianos are built in much the same way.They incorporate the vast technical knowledge of generations with the best materials in the world, delivering an instrument like no other.

Pleasant touch, beautiful sound, responsive action, competitive price, attractive cabinet; five elements combined together under one name:


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